We are dedicated to continuously finding ways to improve our products as well as new avenues to amplify human potential.

& Ethical

We use natural materials that are ethically sourced, a low-impact supply chain and partner with brands aligned to our beliefs.


We believe in our team, value each point of view, and work closely with our partners to create the best possible outcomes.


Our Flagship Product

CELLIANT is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring minerals that capture and convert body heat into infrared energy. The infrared is reflected back into the body and is clinically proven to increase local circulation and cellular oxygenation which causes a number of benefits, including more energy, endurance, strength, stamina, comfort, quicker recovery, and better sleep.

CELLIANT is embedded in yarn or applied as a coating on fabrics and is a key ingredient in many world class brands.


By Science

At Hologenix, we innovate through science. We created an independent Science Advisory Board to lead clinical studies of our products, find new avenues for innovation and to discover new technologies.

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